The First Step In Your Path

Quality-by-Design brings a quality-conscious approach to your working life that is simple to understand and implement – regardless whether you are a student, self-employed or working in an organization of any size.

What is P-A-T-H?

The PATH approach makes quality accessible to all. Training and experience as a designer gave me the insight needed to recast any project, process or product, integrating the foundational knowledge of “enduring ways” using a simple four-step methodology that underlies all successful studies, businesses and professions.

Involvement at the leading edges of information technology

Allowed me to identify how to evaluate and select apps and applications that support a PATH to Quality. This marriage of “enduring ways in the age of immediacy” is essential to mentoring our successors, capturing and communicating knowledge.


Brian’s second book, “An Architect’s Guide to Construction—Enduring Ways in the Age of Immediacy” describes the PATH approach to design and construction in a way that you can adapt to your needs.

Consulting & Presentations

Quality-by-Design’s consulting services are designed to assist companies, organizations and individuals in developing or improving the quality of their projects, processes and products. Professional services are based upon the methodology described in Brian Palmquist’s book, “An Architect’s Guide to Construction – Enduring Ways in the Age of Immediacy.”
Consulting services are provided, managed and recorded using software that is fully open to you for your ongoing input, monitoring and review.

Ready to start your PATH?