Quality-by-Design Consulting Ltd.

Designed to assist companies, organizations and individuals in developing or improving the quality of their projects, processes and products.

Review your objectives for your PATH to quality. Identify through interviews and systems analysis where you currently stand in regards to the quality of your projects, processes or products.
Compare your current approach and systems to universal quality system elements, including appropriate Principles, Attributes, Toolsets and Habits (PATH). Identify missing, incomplete or confused elements and how best to supplement and improve them. Propose a more complete PATH to quality consistent with your objectives, preferences and budget.
Quality-by-Design can assist you in establishing an appropriate trial of your more complete PATH to quality. Including identifying approximate duration and extent. Monitor your trial.
Based on the trial results, review the effectiveness of your complete PATH. Recommend additional or alternative PATH elements based on the trial. Provide a plan for you to implement your PATH. Assist with implementing your PATH, if requested.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are provided, managed and recorded using software that is collaborative, web-based and fully open to you for your ongoing input, monitoring and review. Complete the form below for further information.